Basic RiderCourse I(Sat Jul 20/Sun Jul 21 2024)

Course Registration
Course Prerequisites Confirmation
  • I can ride a bicycle.
  • I acknowledge there is an online eCourse that I must complete before a Tennessee certificate of completion for licensing can be issued. The online eCourse completion is not required prior to the riding portion, but completion of the eCourse is required before a license certificate is issued. It is suggested the eCourse be completed prior to coming to class. Approximate time to complete the course is 5 hours.

  • I acknowledge there is a Tennessee knowledge test that will be administered by VMTS. A score of 80% or higher on the Tennessee knowledge test is successful completion. A practice crossword puzzle will be provided in the registration confirmation to aid in successful completion.

  • In-person on-cycle riding exercises including group activities, followed by an on-cycle skills evaluation is required to receive a Tennessee certificate of completion for licensing. VMTS will provide the use of a training motorcycle.

    I, the student, must provide the proper riding gear to include:

    • DOT helmet.
    • Eye protection if using an open-face helmet.
    • Long sleeves while seated and riding the motorcycle.
    • Full finger gloves of any kind.
    • Long pants with no holes.
    • Over the ankle footwear, such as comfortable boots.

  • Debit/credit card payment is required and will be charged to your card soon after registration is complete. Refunds will not be given if canceled within 7 business days of the class date. However, if cancellation prior to 7 days of scheduled class date, refunds will be made minus the fee for the online eCourse and fees associated with card processing. If VMTS cancels a class, a full refund will be provided with no deduction of fees, or you may select a future date.

  • The primary means of communication is via email. You MUST monitor the email address you are providing in the registration process regularly. Monitor your Spam or Trash folders to ensure important messages aren’t missed; sometimes internet service providers will deliver emails to Spam or Trash. It is your responsibility to make sure you receive the emails. You may receive follow-up emails with important information prior to your class date. If you do not receive the confirmation email following registration, contact us immediately by phone or text to 615.414.9042 or email at steve.barber@comcast.net

All survey items must be selected.